The Equipment Depot is administered by the Department of Communications Studies and is the repository for all portable production equipment belonging to the Department of Communication Studies and the Department of Journalism. The function of the Equipment Depot is to distribute equipment to authorized borrowers, i.e. registered students enrolled in production classes in the Department of Communication Studies and Journalism. The Equipment Depot is not an instructional facility.

If you do not know how to use a piece of equipment, please seek assistance from your professor, teaching assistant or technical instructor.

Approved Users and Equipment Availability

Borrowing equipment is a privilege, not a right. Equipment is loaned to students of the Communications Studies and Journalism Departments who:

  • is currently enrolled in a production class
  • has filled out, signed and returned the User Responsibility Agreement and Borrower Registration Form.
  • has passed a basic proficiency test on the use of the requested equipment and is properly authorized to borrow the requested equipment.
  • has shown a valid Concordia University ID card.

User Responsibilities and Liabilities

A. Schedule and Basic Proficiency Examination:

  • Students are required to attend workshops and to pass a basic proficiency examination with their instructors on the equipment required for class. Once the Depot has been notified of the student’s acceptance by the instructor, you will be allowed to have access to the equipment.
      B. Follow Reservation Procedures:

      • Procedures for specific courses will be posted outside of the depot ( CJ 1.231 ) as well as on the depot’s website ( cjdepot.concordia.ca )
      • For previously reserved equipment, you are expected to pick-up and return your equipment at the date and time specified.
      • You are expected to be present during your checkout as well as your check-in. You may delegate a third party to return your equipment with the understanding that you are still responsible for any missing items and/or damages to the equipment.
      • Equipment checkout is closed between semesters and during the summer months in order to perform inventory and repairs to the equipment. All production equipment must have a check-in appointment of no later than the official deadline date,to be determined by the Technical Supervisor and announced through postings all the Department in the weeks before the deadline.

C. Inspect Equipment before Check Out:

      • When checking out equipment, the Equipment Depot staff will make every effort to verify that the items are fully operational and that all accessories are included. The Depot can be extremely busy at peak hours, therefore it is highly recommend the borrower double-checks the equipment to ensure it is in proper working order and that all the accessories listed are provided before leaving the Depot area. It is the user’s responsibility to report to the Depot staff any missing parts, visible damage, defective items and operating problems at the time of checkout or as soon as possible after noticing the problem. If equipment is broken or found to be missing upon return, the user could be deemed responsible for repair or replacement. This rule applies to everyone, including faculty or TAs checking out equipment for class or labs. The user acknowledges that the equipment is on loan without warranty or guarantee of any kind expressed or implied and that the Communication Studies and Journalism Departments assume no responsibility, implied in fact or law, for the performance or non-performance of said equipment.

D. Store Equipment Securely

      • The user assumes responsibility for the safe transport, use and storage of the equipment from the time it is checked out until it is checked back in to the Depot. The user assumes all responsibility for loss and/or damage to the equipment while it is in the user’s possession. The Depot strongly advises against storing equipment in a vehicle. If you must store your equipment in a vehicle – it must be locked in the trunk.

E. Return Equipment On Time and Understand Penalties for Lateness, and “No-Shows”

•All equipment is loaned for a maximum of 48 hours. Equipment borrowed on Thursdays or Fridays must be returned the following Monday.

•There will be no extensions beyond this 48 hours.

•Borrowers must wait 24 hours before borrowing the same equipment again.

      • Equipment must be returned to the Depot on time. Late returns will not be tolerated. First-time offenders will receive a warning and will be placed on a ‘watch-list”. Second time offenders risk temporary or permanent suspension of their borrowing privileges. Please note that your professor will be notified if your borrowing privileges have been suspended due to repeated late returns. This will have an effect on your final marks.
      • Students failing to pick-up their equipment without notifying the Depot forfeit their equipment and are listed as a “NO SHOW”. All upcoming reservations are cancelled and the student must submit new reservation requests. The next “no-show” will be grounds for suspension of borrowing privileges. Assuming for some reason that the Depot is still open beyond normal closing time, students showing up for a checkout after this time have no guarantee of obtaining their equipment.

F. Missing, Damaged, Lost or Stolen Equipment:

      • In the case of lost or stolen equipment, you are required to pay for the full replacement cost of the missing equipment. For this reason, while not mandatory, we strongly recommend that the borrower carry enough personal insurance to cover the full replacement value of all the equipment they are borrowing. In certain cases, depending on the value of the equipment, you may be required to provide documented proof of adequate insurance. At its discretion, the Depot may refuse to allow equipment sign-out if this proof is not provided. If equipment is stolen from you, you are required to file a police report with the proper law enforcement agency within 24 hours of the theft. You must immediately submit a copy of that report to the Depot Manager and/or to the Technical Supervisor. Upon this notification, an invoice will be prepared for the full replacement cost of the stolen items. You will be responsible for full payment of this bill within 14 days. If payment is not received within 14 calendar days or by the last class day of the semester, whichever is sooner, your equipment borrowing privileges will be suspended and the outstanding amounts owed will be billed directly to your student account.
      • Until your student account is paid in full you will not be able to obtain official transcripts or graduate etc. In certain special cases, the Technical Supervisor may authorize the borrower to provide a substitute for the missing or stolen equipment with an item of equivalent function and value. You will be given 48 hours to locate lost or missing pieces of equipment or accessories. If after 48 hours, you are unable to produce the missing items, a bill will be prepared for the full replacement cost of those items. Please note that refunds of payment for lost or missing items cannot be given once your cheque has been cashed even if the item is subsequently found. In the case of damaged equipment, staff technicians will determine if the damage is a result of normal wear and tear and if the item can be repaired. If they determine that the damage was the result of abuse, you will be responsible for the full cost of the repair, or the full cost of replacement if the item cannot be repaired. The decision of the Technical Supervisor in this matter will be final.
      1. Out-of-Province Production: The Depot must be advised any time equipment will be taken outside the province of Quebec.
      • Special permission must be granted and an additional form has to be filled out for this purpose.
      1. Keep the Depot informed
      • Users who borrow equipment from the Depot must notify the Depot of any change in address, telephone number, e-mail address and student status. This applies to all users but more particularly to those benefiting from “long-term” loans, which can extend over many months. The Depot must be able to get in touch with you at all times. This applies to everyone, including Faculty or Teaching Assistants checking out equipment for class or labs.


You can download the complete CJ Depot Borrower’s Agreement and Registration form  here: